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The Chaminade Promenade is a marketplace created for Eagle Business students of the Advanced Business Management class to implement their business plans sell their original products and services.  Company commercials and footage of past PromeNades can be viewed below.

Spring 2019 PromeNade

Spring 2018 PromeNade

Spring 2016 PromeNade

Spring 2016 PromeNade (pictures)

Spring 2012 PromeNade

Winter 2014 PromeNade

Winter 2011 PromeNade

Winter 2008 PromeNade

Spring 2011 PromeNade

Spring 2008 PromeNade

Winter 2009 PromeNade

Winter 2007 PromeNade

Past PromeNade Commercials (Click Here)

Chaminade student businesses formed in the Eagle Business Program produce commercials

to promote their products and services.  The first 10 are the best.


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