Business and Economics Classes at Chaminade College Prep

*ALL Economics classes at Chaminade are UC-Approved.



*Open to Eleventh and Twelfth Grades, 1 semester.  

Prerequisites: “A” in Business Econ or “A” in previous College Prep Social Studies class or “B” in previous AP Social Studies class. 

This course is the equivalent of a one-semester introduction to macroeconomics at the college level. Major areas of focus include unemployment, inflation, GDP, national income, recessions, economic growth, global trade, and the foreign currency market. The course spends considerable time describing and analyzing major theories of modern macroeconomics in order to give students a thorough understanding of the factors that influence an economy as a whole. Along the way, students spend a majority of their time examining how fiscal and monetary tools used by politicians and bankers can influence a nation’s economy. Enrolled students are expected to take the AP exam. 


Prerequisites: “A” in Business Econ or “A” in previous CP Social Studies class or “B” in previous AP Social Studies class 


The visual below summarizes many of the major concepts in the class.  Credit to Casey Oetomo (Class of 2014) for taking Mr. Gideon's notes to create such a beautiful visual.  Clicking on it will take you a full semester's worth of class lectures that show you what the class is about.  Enjoy!



*GEL I Open to Eleventh and Twelfth Grades, 2 semesters.  Prerequisite: None

*GEL II Open to Twelfth Grade, 1 semester.  Prerequisite: successful completion of GEL I


The Global Econ class (referred to by the students as "GEL") is an experiential learning opportunity that prepares students for working in a real business environment. Students learn about economic concepts while applying them to their own original and creative entrepreneurial operations, culminating in the Chaminade PromeNade. Students do this with guidance from adult experts in entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, and other fields. The experts visit the classroom to guide the students in learning. 


GEL has three major areas of focus: Leadership, Marketing, and Finance.

In addition to global business marketing concepts, practical instruction in cross-cultural communication and marketing yourself for careers are addressed.  Students learn to write resumes and cover letters, to find job listings, and to interview with organizations.

In addition to global business finance, students are also instructed in personal finance. They learn to set financial goals, compare differences in cost of living, to construct a 12 month budget for living after graduation, to balance a checkbook, and write checks.


Supplemental resources come from various college business programs. 


Students in GEL I and GEL II are in the same room at the same time.  Students in GEL II are expected to take a leadership role in the class.




*Open to Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Grades, 1 semester.  

Prerequisite: None


This course introduces students to microeconomics and entrepreneurship.  A broad overview of concepts such as supply, demand, marketing, and financials are introduced to students.  

Students are then given the opportunity to apply them to a sales opportunity determined by the class.  


*Many students take more than one Economics class by the time they graduate.

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