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35 Eagle Business students visited Riot Games, founded by alumnus Marc Merrill and accompanied by alumnus Greg Stefflre, both Chaminade graduates of 1998.  The goals of the field trip were:

1) To see how successful an alumnus of Chaminade can be.
2) To learn the importance of all departments to the success of a large company (not just the ones that get the attention, like game design).
3) To see a global company in
action that succeeds financially while using a flat, fun, and flexible approach to growth.
4) To hear how Riot Games cultivates human resources through extensive recruitment, training, and cultural development practices.


In the Fall of 2014, students Jen Harlow ’15, Conner Hoyt ’15, and Alec Neimand ’16  visited the LA Times office building in downtown Los Angeles to discuss the opportunity to be a part of Varsity Video through the LA Times. The site will showcase original content, provided by Chaminade College Preparatory’s Eagle Business students. Chaminade was one of 15 schools in Southern California to receive the exclusive invitation to join Varsity Video. The evening began with dinner and talks by The Times’ CEO, Austin Beutner and Deputy Sports Editor, John Cherwa. Times sports columnists, including Sam Farmer and Eric Sondheimer, met with the students and their teacher Aron Gideon to discuss ideas for creating content that represent unique perspectives of Chaminade athletics. After discussions and training for interfacing with the website were completed, Eagle Business went on a private tour of newspaper’s three floors.


Los Angeles Times

In the Spring, Mr. Gideon's Economics students travel to the campus of UCLA to sit in on classes, meet with professors, meet with Chaminade alumni who are currently attending the school, tour the campus, and view UCLA football practice.  This gives students an inside view of life at a major university.

Washington D.C.

In 2012, Chaminade's student-run media company Eagle Eye had five representatives travel to the nation's capital to enjoy the sites and participate in Junior Achievement's National Company of the Year challenge.  The competition included creation of an interactive trade booth on Capitol Hill in the House of Representatives Office Building.  They also created a commercial campaign on YouTube, through the talent and leadership of Mark Asfour (class of 2013).  During a formal awards dinner at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Headquarters, the students were recognized as the best entrepreneurs in America that year.  These amazing representatives from the class of 2012 were Jake Speyer, Nicole Nazarian, Cameron Villadiego, Zach Miller, and Sarah Kelley.

Downtown Los Angeles

Students either walk or take a tour bus through various parts of downtown Los Angeles.  They view the finance district, garment district, city government, Our Lady of Angels Cathedral, and the area around Staples Center, among other sites.


Chaminade business students have been invited to speak at the world famous Beverly Hilton Hotel about their experiences in entrepreneurship.  The Beverly Hilton has been the site of many awards shows, including The Golden Globes.


In 2009, Chaminade's student company Higher Grounds Cafe was named best in California.  Representatives traveled to Boston to attend Junior Achievement's North American Company of the Year Competition.  Higher Grounds Cafe was named Best Social Responsibility Project.

The Lotus Inn China Bistro

By Jake Tan and Peter Yu

Fields Market

By Jake Tan and Peter Yu

Wallpaper Bin

By Henry Zhou and Doris Dou

The Gourmet Soup Kitchen

By Henry Zhou and Doris Dou

FIA Insurance Services

By Ana Mora and Taryn Manaka

Fukui Mortuary 

By Ana Mora and Taryn Manaka

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