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About Current Students

Ella Landsberg

Hello my name is Ella and I am currently in my junior year at Chaminade College Preparatory and for my past two years at Chaminade High School I have been traveling to a third world country to help organizations that work to provide the less fortunate with thing such as housing, school and provide them with opportunities that they do not have the privilege of having. Freshman year I traveled to Costa Rica and had the opportunity to build houses for people who were currently living on the streets. I consider this an achievement being that we with the organization had to use what was provided which was limited. Out of all of my experiences with traveling to different countries to help the less fortunate Costa Rica was the most inspiring. I was able to work in classrooms and educate the children with things that they would normally never learn. Having the opportunity to even travel to a different country, let alone, but also have the ability to aid other people has been a very eye-opening experience. Not only was I teaching the children new information and building houses with families I was able to adopt a new and more thankful lifestyle.


Ningyan Feng

Hello, I am Chris Feng, and I am currently a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory High School. I love to travel and do volunteering works. I was involved in an international volunteering organization for three years. And Every year, I spend part of my summertime to do volunteering works aboard. For example, I went to Bali last year to teach and take care of the elementary school kids. That was a special experience for me, and I learned a lot from that. In addition, influenced by my parents, I was interested in business since I was very young. In the past few years, I had worked in my dad’s company during breaks, and I had also gone on a few business trips with the colleagues. Through that, I learned how to manage the company, as well as how to deal with the customers. I enjoyed doing these works a lot and I am sure that business is what I would like to major in in the future. Thank you. 


Brett Prendergast

Hello, my name is Brett Prendergast and I am a junior at Chaminade High School. I am a media commissioner on student council and I am also a member of the event team for LINK crew. As an event team member, I learned and improved a lot of important skills such as time management, organization, and communication. I also played soccer the past two years for Chaminade and was named best offensive player two years in a row. However, because winning was a rare occasion for us, I actually learned that bonding and team building was more important than getting the win. Although we lost 14 out of our 16 games, the important thing is that we lost those games together and created friendships that will last a long time. Outside of school, I work as a photographer for my musician friend, KOAD. Although I am not getting paid and that is very unfortunate, it is still fun to work with someone in the music industry while doing something that I am very passionate about. Even though I do enjoy the creative process, from doing photoshoots to designing album cover art, it is also really interesting to watch and be a part of the business and networking side of the music industry.


Samantha Reynoso

Hi, my name is Sammy Reynoso and I am a current senior at Chaminade College Preparatory.  During my time at Chaminade, I have participated in several activities, but my main one is soccer.  Making varsity as a freshman here at Chaminade was actually one of my best memories. Playing this sport for over 13 years has taught me to work well with others, and that winning isn't everything.  Working with your team to be the best team you can be, and forming relationships that could last forever is ultimately what it is about.  This is what our team here at Chaminade focused on, and I absolutely loved that.  Moving forward in life I believe that these skills will be beneficial because if you work with other people you ultimately need to personal and have qualities to make it easy to work with you.  I hope to work in the field of business or management and I feel like I will be very prepared to do so given the skills I have developed while being a student at Chaminade.


Brayden Nguyen

Hello, my name is Brayden and I am currently a Junior here at Chaminade. At this school, I am mainly involved in two activities which include student council and soccer. In student council, I am a media commissioner where our group creates videos to promote school not only students but also the outside community. I have been on student council since freshman year and have had a close bond with each person there. Next, I have played soccer for the past two years at Chaminade, winning the award of MVP for one of them and being team captain both years. Outside of school, I also play club soccer for the 2000 LA Galaxy team. Other than soccer, I am involved in NLYM which is a non-profit organization that helps soldiers, the poor, and the community as a whole. Lastly, as a hobby, I help a friend with his music career, where I find ideas for upcoming projects or videos.


Liam Borkgren

Hello, my name is Liam Borkgren; I am a Jr at Chaminade College Preparatory. I have attended Chaminade since 6th grade and have participated in a broad range of activities at Chaminade from sports like football, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. In addition to playing sports, I play a part in my community. I am part of a charity group named National League of Young Men. While I can list activities, I do and organizations that I am a part of, this does not tell you who I am and what my belief system is. Who and what I am is driven! Being driven is my ability to persevere. I am resilient and hardworking. I am fair and understand the importance of paying it forward in life with the understanding that it will come back 10 fold to me. I hope to use these innate qualities to pursue a business degree in college with the long-term goal of opening my own company.


Nicholas Ochoa

Hello everyone, my name is Nicholas Ochoa I am currently junior; I know that not all of you may know me, as I am a transfer student. However, after these 60 seconds, I hope I could change that. I am 16 and have a great passion for music. Music truly is a big part of me; I grew up playing drums, to then helping others produce music, to producing my own music. When I was producing music for other people, I learned how to listen to commands, lay them out and then put my own ideas into it, hopefully making it better. This Is a skill I feel can help me later on in life. I actually have such a big heart for music that one day I hope to run or start my own record label and be one of the best in the industry. As much as I love music, school does mean a lot to me, in fact, one of my biggest achievements so far was actually being accepted into this school just a couple weeks ago; I know it may not seem such a big deal to some people, however being able to switch schools into a better education and environment feels like a blessing. Thank you.


Sydney Stein

Hi, my name is Sydney Stein and I currently am a junior who is attending Chaminade College Preparatory High School. During my years at Chaminade, I have been a part of the varsity tennis team. I have become passionate and dedicated to try and improve my work ethic is not only tennis but work inside and outside of school. Due to my passion for tennis, I have incorporated that into my love for children too. During summer and on the weekends during the school year, I dedicate my time to teaching kids from the ages of 5 to 15 how to play tennis. I want them to be just as passionate and caring about this sport like I am. I also on my free time helping out at my moms care-givers facility in the Burbank hospital. I do both of these extra-curricular activities so that I can give back to my community. This is important to me and it puts the biggest smile on my face. This is the reason why I like to be involved in my Chaminade community.


Olivia Cody

Hello, my name is Olivia Cody and I am currently a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory. In cohesion with my school, I have and will be participating in student council for all four years. I am currently the Faculty Commissioner where I strive for greatness and perfection through the work I put into it. Due to this position, I attended a leadership academy at Chapman University this past summer. I am also a delegate for the founding chapter of National Charity League, an Advancement Officer for the Eagle Business program, and have played club soccer for seven years. Through this, I have learned dedication and persistence. I have traveled with rustic pathways to Fiji and Costa Rica where I built a house and city hall for a community that didn’t have the means. Through these experiences, I learned the true meaning behind life and how fortunate I am. Putting my time and effort into my passions and being a leader is the ultimate goal of life in my perspective. I fully believe that my involvement in these various activities, both inside and outside of school, will prepare me for my future.


Nino Leone 

Hello, my name is Nino Leone and I am currently a junior at Chaminade High school. I am a determined person who is pushed by success. I am also a very passionate individual, especially about my athletics. Lacrosse is one of the most important things to me and is one thing that does not leave my mind. I love everything about it and being a player on the team has helped with my compatibility as well as leadership skills. Another passion of mine is helping others. Seeing a smile on someone else’s face because of something I did is one of the most rewarding things to me. I believe that everything that happens is for a reason and I don’t get discouraged if something does not go my way, it simply makes me work harder. I believe that this will help me with everything I do in life going forward because not everyone has the drive to be successful. There is always somebody working twice as hard when you are taking a break. I am that person.


Matthew Delgado

My name is Matthew Delgado, I am 17 years old and I am a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory. My hobbies include golfing, swimming, and traveling. I have been playing golf for 13 years, winning several tournaments throughout. Not only has golf strengthened my athletic abilities, but it has also taught me to be patient when it matters. Golf is a sport of extreme precision and I have used the skills it has taught me in my everyday life. Whenever a challenge comes my way, I handle it in the calmest way possible, taking deep breaths every time I feel overwhelmed. I have been doing mock trial for 4 years and would like to pursue a career in law one day. Once I am done with Law school I will put my degree to use and help others in need. I want to become a lawyer in order to restore justice in our society. I hope to join the peace corps for at least 2 years, teaching English as a second language to people in third world countries. My hobbies, not only have motivated me to work harder every single day but have helped me be better at communication, public speaking, and interacting with others.


Trevor Roberts

Hi, my name is Trevor Roberts and I am currently a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory. At Chaminade, there a few groups I am a part of that I especially take pride in. One of these groups is the lacrosse team. I have been playing lacrosse since I was in 3rd grade and have been on the varsity team since freshman year. Also, I am a proud member of the Diversity Team and Junior Statesmen of America. The Diversity Team focuses on social justice issues and creating a safe space for students on campus. Junior Statesmen of America, or JSA, is a brand new club on campus where students discuss currents events in politics and government. These clubs allow me to grow in leadership and fairness amongst my peers. Finally, I am a member of Eagle Business and a part of the Eb360 crew. The people I meet and the lessons I learn by being a part of these groups will last a lifetime.


Mackenzie Galieote

Hi, my name is Mackenzie Galieote and I am currently a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory. For all four years at Chaminade, I have been a part of the Aerial Team and have been team captain for the past two years. I am also on the CORE Dance Team and have over ten years of dance training. What I have taken away from being the team captain and a primary choreographer for rallies and dance performances, is how to be a leader and how to communicate with others. Being a part of a team, I’ve learned how to listen to people and know when to confront a problem or realize when it’s not that important to stress over. When some of my teammates disagree over parts of the choreography, I try to make suggestions to improve the situation. I believe these skills in listening to others, making constructive suggestions, and staying in a positive attitude will benefit any business position that I may have in the future.


Megan Wise

Hello, my name is Megan Wise. I am the youngest of 4 siblings, do not have a mom and live alone three days a week, which is an achievement in and of itself. Throughout my life, I have found only one thing I am truly passionate about; history. I am constantly told to focus on something more practical. To those who say history isn’t “practical” here are some practical skills I wouldn’t have without it. For starters, I would not have my incredible memory. I know all the United States presidents in order and am full of many other random facts. This has proved very useful in the classroom and on tests. History has also taught me that it is how you impact others that really matter because they are the ones who keep your memory alive. This is why I strive to make an impact and try my hardest in all that I do. One skill that is innately ingrained in me, however, is my refusal to take no for an answer. When I was younger my dad told me he was allergic to dogs and we would never get one, but I wouldn’t take no for an answer and now we have two. I am what my dad would call a “pusher”. When I want something, nothing can or will stop me. I believe these skills and traits have made me very unique and successful in achieving my goals and endeavors thus far.


Ryan O'Meara

Hi, my name is Ryan O’Meara, I’m 17, and I’m a junior here at Chaminade. I don’t have a whole lot of academic or athletic achievements. I never started any kind of charitable foundation and I haven’t gone anywhere to do any outstanding works of charity. What I do have is Persistence. In 7th Grade, I was very overweight and I was horribly depressed because of it. I knew I had to make a change if I wanted to be healthy and look the way I wanted. I flipped that switch and immediately started working to get healthy. I started exercising every day and eating healthier for every meal. After about 4-5 months I was a completely different person. I looked different on the outside and I felt different on the inside. While this is not a piece of paper or a plaque I can hang on my wall, a shiny trophy to be proud of, or even something I can put on my resume, it is something that will guarantee my success in the future. Thank you.


Evan Brewster

I am Evan Brewster and am going to school at Chaminade College Prep. I transferred out of my old school as an incoming sophomore. I have always taken my academics seriously and put my full effort into it. Along with my academics, I put my full effort into my snowboarding, athletics, and previous jobs. Business has been an interest of mine and I believe that the eagle business program will put me into the real world of business. Along with business, I have always been super interested in fashion and clothing. But, I could never afford the pieces I wanted to wear. Recently, I learned how to sew, which has led to me customizing and creating my own clothing. This allowed me to express my creativity and sense of fashion better than before. Along with this, I have been selling some of my pieces and turning a profit. I want to take this to the next level by creating my own company, selling my own designed clothing.


Maggie McQuaid

Hello, my name is Maggie McQuaid, and I am a 17-year-old high school student at Chaminade College Prep. Throughout my time at Chaminade, I have participated in field hockey, robotics, drama crew, and eagle business. Over the past two summers, I have pursued my dream of becoming a mechanical engineer by participating in Cal Poly’s Engineering Possibilities in College program and Johns Hopkins Engineering Innovation course. Through these experiences, I have learned to value hard work and to never pass up a chance to grow. Whether it’s working as a team to construct a canoe using only cardboard and duct tape or staying up late at night trying to figure out complex physics problems, stepping out of my comfort zone excites me. This year, I am taking Global Economic Leadership to prepare myself for the many challenges that will inevitably come my way in the future.


Tucker Reilly

Hi, my name is Tucker Reilly, and my constant motto has always been to “Earn everything so that you owe no one anything”. My efforts in and around the school are evidence of this devotion, as I’ve been a captain on the volleyball team the last two years, and worked hard to maintain a 3.6 GPA over the past three years. Last summer, I became the youngest cook at Rubio’s, and after just a year, I’m now the youngest head cook in the history of the restaurant. I’ve committed more than 1000 hours into my work at Rubio’s, and have even received job offers from other companies such as Ameriprise and Ceridian due to my experience with employee management and training new staff members. Working has taught me how to grind my way through difficult situations and turn crises into new opportunities. I hope that the work I put in here will define me later in life so that I’ll owe only myself for what I become. 


Sara Papkhian

Hi! My name is Sara Papakhian; I am here to tell you about myself and my journey through life and at Chaminade. Since I was nine years old, I have been taking care of my younger brother and, as my friends say, became his second mom because my parents were always at work. I believe that is what formed me into the person I am today. All throughout middle school, I was eager to join every club that held a leadership position on campus; this quality did not change when I started high school. I genuinely love working with others and being put in a place where I have to accommodate the majority. Through the diversity team and blue crew, I have become more confident in my leadership skills and myself. The second I turned 16, I began applying for jobs and was hired my first try. I have now had a job for a year and was just promoted to the sales lead. I cannot wait to turn 18 and have the ability to hold even higher positions, working with all types of people.


Sean Larson

Hello, my name is Sean Larson and I am currently sixteen years old and in the eleventh grade at Chaminade College Preparatory. While at Chaminade I have received Laureate honors two times. With that, I have been a member of many different clubs and sports. In my first two years at the school, I played a year of football, two years of lacrosse, and was the cross country team captain for a year. While playing these sports I have learned a lot of beneficial qualities and skills that will help me in my future. Through these sports, I have learned about hard work, time management, and dedication. Playing these sports alone taught me a lot but being team captain of the cross country team was a hugely useful experience because I learned so much about how to be a leader. Leadership has become a quality I have become very familiar with because of not only being team captain but I also learned a lot because I am currently the Treasurer of the junior class. This past summer I had a chance to improve my leadership and communication skills while attending a leadership academy at Chapman University. Through all of these experiences, I believe that I have turned into a very capable person that has great potential for a successful future in business.


Indie Wolper

Hi, my name is Indie Wolper, I am currently in 11th grade at Chaminade. Other than being involved with the lacrosse at Chaminade for the past two years one of my most prominent interests and biggest commitments is Youth and Government, a six-month program every year that gives students the opportunity to experience and mock all parts of government first hand with their peers throughout California. As a third year delegate of Youth and Government, I have been able to put my interests in politics and our government into action, by getting specifically involved in writing and proposing bills. One of my proudest moments in Youth and Government has been being able to write a proposal that aimed to get feminine products to be covered by food stamps for lots of people who are not financially stable enough to afford feminine products they need. Other than the accomplishment of how far this bill got passed, my favorite part of the process was being able to work alongside others to collaborate and improve my proposal after talking with like-minded individuals as well as others who had different opinions. I found this part of the process most rewarding because I was able to put my skills of working well with others into play as I worked to collaborate with all different people from all of California.


Lauren Lombardi

Hi. My name is Lauren Lombardi and I am currently a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory High School. I have been playing tennis since I was young, and started playing competitively in middle school. Since then, I’ve played tennis on the high school varsity team since freshman year, playing both singles and doubles. Being on this team has taught me the important values of hard work, determination, and working together as a team. Also, at school, I am part of Ambassadors and Blue Crew, teaching me the value of service and commitment to my community. Additionally, I have taken two week-long business courses during the previous two summers at Georgetown University and NYU, which sparked my interest in pursuing business as a career. Through this class, I am also a part of Eagle Business, which I believe will help me better prepare for the future.


Cooper Anthony

Hello, my name is Cooper Anthony and I am currently a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory. Although my involvement in Chaminade’s provided opportunities began last school year, there has been a lot that I have achieved over this short period of time. Recently, I joined the Sports Medicine program that is provided here on campus, which has allowed me to gain a new sense of education in the field of kinesiology and physical education. With this newfound knowledge, I have been able to apply myself in the aiding and care of the student-athletes that attend Chaminade. These athletes include, and are not limited to, all teams during all seasons, ranging from football to soccer, to lacrosse. For me, this is an accomplishment because it allows me to further myself in the occupational field of Sports Medicine and is a perfect start to guide me into a future career in such a field. With the extensive hours and dedication that I have put into this club, I have opened myself to new possibilities for a career. In such regard, I am hoping to be able to use the new found skills that I obtain through this program and apply them to benefit myself and my growth leading in the future.


Christian Gideon

Hello, my name is Christian Gideon and I’m currently a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory in West Hills. I’m very invested in the robotics team at my school and have had a leadership role on the team for the past 3 years (I was the special projects director, software manager, and senior vice president). In sophomore year, I won the VEX Robot Virtual Worlds Online Challenge as the person who got the highest score in the world for programming a virtual robot, which in turn helped my team to qualify for the VEX Robotics World Championships that year. Actually, I’ve been invited to Worlds every year since 6th grade. I’m also the president of another club at my school called Eagle Business, which helps students to prepare for life after high school and even lets them design companies using their own money. Other than these different school activities, I also love to design creative Halloween costumes and volunteer with the Motion Picture Television Fund in my free time. Hopefully, all of these different passions will lead me to be the head of my own software company in the near future – my determination, hard work, and creativity are what will bring this dream into reality.


Owen Larson

Who is Owen Larson? If I were to answer that I would say that I am driven and passionate student-athlete who is involved in many different leadership positions. I am a student council member for 4 years and I was voted by the school for ASB President. I have also started a service club at Chaminade called athlete serving the community which is based on my other passion sports. I was named male athlete of the year at my school for my class two years in a row. I am a three Varsity starter for a national top 100 football program while also being a 4-year starter for a top lacrosse team. I was named all-league for lacrosse as a sophomore and won team MVP 2 years in a row. My junior year I was named All-League for football as well as receiving US Lacrosse All area. My proudest achievement though is receiving US Lacrosse Academic All American my junior year for lacrosse. All my hard work and passion has been shown not only through my accolades but also through the schools that are recruiting me. I have top academic schools including Carnegie Mellon, UChicago and Washington University St Louis recruiting me for football but I also have top lacrosse schools including UMASS and Lehigh recruiting me for lacrosse, who were both ranked top 20 this year. I am a well-rounded student-athlete who is driven to complete my Goals So I will be able to provide for my family as my dad did. Providing for my family is what drives me to give everything I have every day.


Aisha Raun

Hi, my name is Aisha Raun and I am currently a senior at Chaminade College Prep. High School. In my time at Chaminade, I have played for the girls’ basketball team for two seasons during my sophomore and junior year. I had played since I was in elementary school and I love the game. Last year, I joined the cross country team and it was a great experience for me. It was kind of difficult to do a sport that requires so much stamina and endurance compared to basketball but it only made me stronger. I enjoyed being able to branch out and try something new that I never thought that I could do before. This year, I am the cross country team manager, instead of running but I am still a part of the team. Being a part of these two sports has allowed me to create new bonds and relationships with others in a family environment. I love helping others, whether it be my own family, friends, or anyone else that is in need. I recently volunteered at the Woodland Hills Branch Library and plan on spending more time there in the future. They have a program for youth on Tuesdays and it is really nice to help them with their activities and put a smile on someone’s face when I get the chance to.


Chase Nelson

Hello everyone! My name is Chase Nelson and I am a current Junior at Chaminade High School. One interesting fact about me is that I was born in New York City and lives in Connecticut before coming to Los Angeles. I have an interest in working on Wall Street and returning to my roots in the city, but I will save that conversation for another time. One amazing experiences in my life was being the lead defense attorney on my Mock Trial team at Chaminade Middle School, which greatly improved my speaking and problem-solving skills. A challenging point in my life was going to Notre Dame High School for my freshman year, then eventually returning to the Chaminade family. Some achievements of mine throughout my entire academic career include getting at or above a 4.0 Grade Point Average every year and challenging myself in various honors and AP classes. I also completed a college course over the summer on the basics of Business Administration and received a high A in the class. Moving forward, I would like to expand my interest in Economics and possibly explore a career related to Finance.


Charlotte Chen

Hello, my name is Charlotte Chen. I am a junior at Chaminade. However, unlike other Chaminade student who usually engages in sports, arts or science, I develop my interest in social media here. My experience in social media includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and some other types of media that are popular in China. Last year, I gained a leadership position for the social media representative in the choir. I think the best thing in the world is doing the job that I love. Thus, I decided to be a member of Eagle Business as a social media director. While I keep walking on the way that I desired, I also put effort into other things I like. I joined the swim team at Chaminade. We get up at five in the morning every weekday, and we all enjoy in it as a team. In addition, I love singing, so I am one of the members of the concert choir at Chaminade. Life is all about pursuing your dream. I always follow this quote and be passionate about everything I do.


Andres Lou

Hello, my name is Andres Lou, and I am currently a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory. I was a transfer student last year, as I moved from Guatemala. At Chaminade, I am part of the Baseball team and the link team. One of the things I am most proud of in my life is to have moved to the US by myself in order to pursue my dream of playing baseball and also that I had the courage to start my own non-profit organization called “Striking Out Poverty”. During the past summer I was looking for ways to help the ones in need and especially I wanted to help my country, so I came up with the idea of creating a non-profit organization that would fight to end poverty and the lack of education. This project along with the Global Economic Leadership class has helped me understand it is not easy to start an organization or a company. And it has improved my leadership and confidence skills as well as it has helped me understand what goes on in the business and economics world.


Anthony Steele 

Hi, my name is Anthony Steele and I am a 16-year-old junior currently attending Chaminade College Preparatory High School. The qualities that I have are charisma and the ability and desire to work hard. I developed these qualities by attending a college preparatory school, by being a part of the Catholic faith, and by making new friends by devoting time to understand their interests. I also value diversity and inclusion in every part of my life. I have been playing sports my whole life and I want to do something in my life that has to do with sports. Playing a variety of different sports helped me realize that if you put your mind to something, like wanting to be the best, you can. I am currently taking global economic leadership because I want to major in business and revolve it around sports. My overall theme is that I want to do something that I love and work hard at it.


Ryan Cornelius 

Hello, my name is Ryan Cornelius, and I am a 16-year-old junior at Chaminade College Prep. My most important quality is my work ethic. I am involved in many different activities and this virtue shines in everything I do. I am a great student, I play lacrosse, and I am a member of the NLYM or the National League of Young Men. In school, I take many rigorous A.P. and honors courses and my cumulative GPA is a 4.3 the only way I am able to achieve these academic accomplishments is through my work ethic. I am also very successful in lacrosse. I have played it since third grade and fell in love with it the moment I started. Since I began playing I have received numerous awards and accolades for my skills. I competed in the Under Armour Underclass All-American Games, and have been a Varsity starter for the past two seasons. I plan to continue playing lacrosse in college and hopefully receive a scholarship for it. My work ethic has allowed me to keep practicing and achieve these awards which have opened doors for my future. Finally, in NLYM, I have served numerous positions on the Board of Officials such as Philanthropy Chairman and Speaker Chairman. My work ethic has allowed me to shine in these positions and improve the NLYM and my community. My Work Ethic has shaped me into who I am today and will continue to lead me into a successful future.


Cody Brown

Hello, my name is Cody Brown and I am currently part of the senior class of 2019 at Chaminade College Preparatory High School. I am heavily involved in the drama program at my school and fulfill the position of head of carpentry in all programs held in the performing arts center after being a part of the Chaminade Players for just one year. In anticipation of my future endeavors in business, I decided that partaking in the Eagle Business program would be highly suitable for my strengths and skills that I have acquired from the past couple years of business involvement. With my business experiences, I have gained a strong knowledge in investing, marketing, and working with cryptocurrencies. This has allowed me to acquire an internship with an individual who is highly successful in all aspects of a business that I, myself, would like to further my knowledge in so that I can become the best entrepreneur that I can possibly be.


Yiwen Zhao

Hi, I am Yiwen Zhao. A junior from Chaminade College Prep. I plan on becoming an engineer in the future, I did robotics for 6 years. I have done pretty much all aspects of robotics, ranging from software engineering to mechanical engineering. I have learned so much in the robotics program. But one day, I realized a problem. What’s the point of learning all of the physics, programming languages, or circuits if I don’t know how to create value out of it? In other words, if you have a great product that you created, but you don’t know how to sell it... what’s the point? This is why I see business as a tool to help me to become more successful as well as being the per whom I want to become. So if you ask me what is my biggest or most impressive achievement? I am not saying I was the electronics lead and currently the business manager in robotics, and I am not saying I am the president of eagle business, because when these things are comparing with my mind and thinking, they don’t even count as achievements. My biggest strength is that I know exactly what I want to do, and where I want to go. I will become the person that will change the world.


Jimmy Mao

Hi, I’m Jimmy Mao and I’m currently a junior student attending Chaminade College Prep. For college, I plan on majoring in business, specifically in the area of finance. This summer I did an internship in Bank of China in Shanghai CBD. It is great to see billionaires on a daily basis and even to work with some of them in the same building! Ever since I was little, I have always had an interest in numbers and I am certain that this is something I want to pursue in the future. I have also been working for the Red Cross program in China for two years. Do you know how many people are in hunger every day in the world right now? Eight hundred million! That is about one in nine people. And my goal does not only have my own business in the future but also create my own foundation that can make the world a better place.


Kyra Anzalone

My name is Kyra Anzalone and I am a senior at Chaminade. I went to Chaminade for my freshman and sophomore year and came back for my senior year of high school. I knew that coming to Chaminade would be a challenge because of the high standards the school holds. I can say that I am happy with my decision of attending this high school because it has helped me flourish and thrive. I have learned many skills attending this school such as determination, discipline, and leadership roles. Over the years those skills have improved and have prepared me for my future and what is next to come. I have also created many strong relationships with the students here. Many Chaminade students are very driven and are full of passion, which pushes me even more. This environment promotes our growth and gives us a way to apply our ambitions. I am excited for my senior year, the classes I will be attending, the experiences I’ll be having, and ultimately what I hope will be preparing me for what is to come after high school.


Emily Berk

Hi, my name is Emily and I am a 16-year-old junior at Chaminade College Preparatory. Over the summer, I went on a 3-week service trip to New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. 7 other kids from around the world and I got to stay on a Navajo Reservation and help restore their property over the course of two weeks. For the third week, we went backing packing in Colorado and would sometimes walk 10 miles a day, while carrying 50-pound backpacks. It was extremely difficult and was something I never would have wanted to do voluntarily, but I learned a lot from the experience and enjoyed it very much. This summer I also worked as a counselor at a surf camp in Malibu. Having that job helped me improve on my time-management skills and positive work ethic. At the end of summer, I ended up making enough money to contribute to my new car, which had been a goal of mine for a long time. I’ve had a 4.0 GPA in high school so far and have taken various honors and AP classes over the past 3 years. I also played varsity tennis as a freshman and sophomore. I love to travel and hope to pursue a career in the business field that would allow me to do so. Thank you.


Andrew Wood

My name is Andrew Wood and I am a junior at Chaminade High School. I have many valuable qualities that make me a successful worker and student. I’m social, aware, and consistent. Unlike most, I’m not shy when it comes to asking or answering questions. I’m always willing to step outside my comfort zone because in the real world there are many cases where we are challenged to do so. I love working with people because ever since I was younger I always had a team to work with through football. Also, I learned that over time I’ve focused on becoming very aware of the things that need to be completed because learning the hard way, I know what happens when you aren’t aware and get off track about the assignment you’re supposed to be working on. When it comes to getting things done, I’m always consistent. Lastly, I look forward to this year and can’t wait for what challenges it brings!


Michael Erhart

Hello, my name is Michael Erhart. I am a senior at Chaminade High school. I live in Westlake Village and have two brothers and one sister. I am a member of the Blue Oceans club and am also a leader on the football team. I started football at a young age and have always loved the sport. I developed a passion for it and feel that it is something that I will always love being around. I am committed to playing football at Oregon State University and am planning on majoring in business finance. I intend to use this class to prepare myself for college and become a more educated student-athlete. One thing that I enjoy doing on my free time is fishing. I go fishing at lakes and also deep sea fishing with my friends and family in Mexico. There are many lessons that I have learned from fishing that I apply to my life every day. I’ve learned how to be patient and grateful for what I have. Fishing has helped me approach every day with an open mind.


Thomas Davis

Hello, my name is Thomas Davis and I am currently a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory. Not only did I become one of social media directors for the Chaminade Eagle Business Program this year, but this is also my fourth year as a driven individual on the Chaminade Varsity Swim Team. Being a part of the Chaminade Swim Team has taught me a lot about teamwork, it has shown me how even in an individual sport such as swimming, other teammates are necessary for good performance. For me, taking this class is not so much as a choice, as it is an opportunity to improve upon all aspects of my future business career. I think that with my natural ability to be passionate, responsible and a very diligent worker I can one day achieve my goal as a successful businessman. Through my experience in and outside of Chaminade, I believe that the skills I possess and the skills I will soon acquire will advance my career into the business world.


Nika Arab

My name is Nika, and I aspire to be an entrepreneur one day like my father. Due to his decision to launch his international trading business in Dubai, we moved there when I was nine years old. This move shaped me into the person I am today. By living on the other side of the world, I learned a different language, met a diverse community of people, and had the privilege to travel around the world frequently. Although it was challenging, it made me a stronger person. I want to follow in my father's footsteps, in terms of moving to a new country, and exploring new opportunities and meeting new people. I have many goals, which include moving to France to study business, and one day creating a high-end lingerie brand. Fashion would be a great career for me since I love to travel and get inspiration from different cultures. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to live in Dubai at such a young age and I would not have traded that experience for anything else, because I would not be the person, I am today.


Sofia De Belles

Hello, my name is Sofia De Belles and I am currently a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory. I am a hard working student, whole-heartedly, dedicated to my studies, music, and athletics. One of my favorite accomplishments was making the varsity tennis team as a freshman and since then helping to elevate the team from division 4 to division 2 this year. As a young kid, I learned how to be emotionally and physically disciplined to win my matches and tournaments. My tournament experience has helped mentally prepared me for my competitive varsity matches. Another passion of mine is music. My dad, who is a composer, has exposed me to the musical world through piano, which I have been playing for 9 years. When I was little, I had 2 open heart surgeries and am thankful every day to be healthy and enjoy life. Knowing how lucky I am to have made it through the surgeries, has shaped my philosophy in life. I try not to take anything for granted and strive to live my every moment to the fullest.


Brady Adams

Hello, my name is Brady Adams and I am a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory. I am one of the Business Journalists for the Chaminade Business Program and I am also looking to become a member of the volleyball program this year and was a part of the Baseball program last year. Outside of school, I like to write. I have liked to write ever since I was a little kid thanks to my uncle. My Uncle is a writer and has been a big influence on me throughout my life. He taught me to write down any idea that you have because you never know what will become of it. I am ambitious and charismatic which will help me in the future while looking for jobs that include writing in the future. I feel like my personality and passion towards writing has helped me grow as a person while I am striving for success in the future as a writer. Thank you.


Carson Holtke

Hello, my name is Carson Holtke, and I am currently a Junior at Chaminade College Preparatory. At school, I participate in many clubs on campus. First, I am on the lacrosse team. I have been on the Varsity team my entire career in high school and have been playing for eight years now. Also, I play with a year-round travel team where we compete at a very high level. Furthermore, I am on the diversity team, where we strive to promote social justice in all aspects of life. Being in this club helps me further understand how to be a model for the progressive world that Earth has become. Finally, I am a member of the Chaminade EB360 Crew, where we use innovative technology to expand student life and activity on campus. Through these clubs and teams, I believe my passion for greatness and hard-work ethic will help drive me to a successful future.


Randy Cook

Hi, my name is Randy Cook and I am currently a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory. I am a part of the Eagle Business Program and my intention is to learn more about business, what it is and how I can develop leadership skills and apply them to a possible future career in business. I want to learn the necessary tools to be successful in the future. Jobs and experience all relate to business, such as sports. I have been playing soccer since I was really small and play for club Real So Cal in Santa Clarita. I am also a dancer, it helps me because it entertains people and brings people to come and pay for entertainment. In my future I want to work hard to be a professional soccer player and being a team player helps teach me how to work well with others and to develop leadership skills that can help me in the business world, make a good living and being able to help me achieve my goal.


Marco Ashou

I am Marco Ashou, I am currently in 12th grade at Chaminade high school. One thing I am very proud about is how far I’ve gone to music production. Music has taught me many valuable life lessons and has put me through many learnable life experiences that are only going to benefit me in my future. Producing music has taught me how to make connections with people, negotiate deals when it comes to selling beats, and money management since I’ve made thousands of dollars selling beats. If I was to describe myself with a few words, it would be motivation or determination. Coming from a country with no opportunity I had to better myself as a person when I found out it was time to come back to Los Angeles. Through all the doubt and adversity, with my determination and motivation, I pushed through and I am somewhat close to making it big in the music producing industry. Outside of school and making beats, I like to relax, watch movies, play basketball, and have fun in general. As far as school goes, I am going to major in finance and accounting somewhere close, like CSUN. All I know is that I want to like what I do for a living with all the options I have on the table.




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