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Students of the Eagle Business Program: 2013-2014

Becca Spyer

Hello, my name is Becca Speyer and I am currently a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory High School. I am a part of the Eagle Business Program because I strongly believe it teaches lessons on how to succeed in life. I also love to be involved in many other activities on campus such as the Diversity Team, Varsity Field Hockey, and multiple clubs that use their time helping the less fortunate. At home I enjoy spending a lot of time with my family and friends going on hikes and other outdoor activities such as walking my dogs or bike rides. I hope to one day put my knowledge and leadership skills into a job that can help to make the world a happier and safer place to live. 


Brent Gordon

I am Brent Gordon and I am a junior that goes to Chaminade College Preparatory school. I am currently 17 and I am doing great academically. I am from Tarzana, California. I try and do as much community service as I can. I am part of the well-known Eagle business program. I am hardworking and try to help as many people as I can. I am currently part of the Chaminade Eagle Business Robotics team and our current goal is to raise a total of 50,000. I have been doing community service at the farmers market for the past couple of years. I have been part of the Chaminade Tennis team for the past 2 years. I try to be as dedicated to school academically  as I can be.


Chloe Kargadorian

My name is Chloe and if you’re looking to get something done and receive a quality result…I’m your girl!  Most who know me would say that my quirky personality is brought on from my ability to lead others through example.  Reflecting on this, I have found that my most recognized characteristics have been birthed from my involvement in swimming.  The sport with which I have immersed myself has taught me the qualities of determination, hard-work, and discipline.  I don’t know if waking up for 4:30AM practice or swimming for 3 to 4 hours after school each day has made me a better person, but I like to believe that enduring such feats has molded me into the person that I am today.  Being the kid with chronically wet hair and mascara-ridden cheeks, the direct result of living inside of a pool, has never been easy for me.  Through such a label, I have learned to appreciate the values with which I have been brought up.  Given my parents’ Midwestern and Middle-Eastern backgrounds, my eyes have opened to the values of hospitality and open-mindedness.  My parents’ seamless ability to open their hearts to strangers and friends alike has taught me the virtues of what being a holistic person is truly about.  Combining the qualities I have learned through swimming with the qualities I have learned through my Armenian family makes me the perfect package of both focus and relatability.  I’m up for any challenge.  After all, most anything sounds doable after getting into a pool at 4:30 in the morning!  


Christian Ramos

Hello my name is Christian Ramos. I am a currently in the 12th grade at Chaminade High School. My involvement with student council has taught me many valuable life lessons that will only benefit me in the future. Being a student leader on campus has taught me the value and importance of establishing connections within the school community. As ASB president, I have learned that it is not only important to lead through example, but also lead with experience and wisdom. When asked to describe myself in one word, I say, opportunist. Throughout my 6 years at Chaminade, I have learned through trial and error that opportunities don’t come very so often. As a student, I try to capitalize and take all the opportunities that are given to me and use them for my benefit. In business, not everything is going to be positive. There will sometimes be negatives, whether it is a loss in an investment, or a loss of a client. Through my experiences, I have learned that the best lessons come from negatives. Because of this, I realize that capitalizing on a negative, and using it, as an opportunity is what helps me become a better person than I was yesterday. In the future, I hope that my energetic, yet reserved personality takes me places and helps my career in business. 


Coila Hodges

My name is Coila Hodges and I am currently a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory. Throughout my years in high school, I have strived to make a beneficial impact in my community. As a freshman, I brought the non-profit medical organization, Operation Smile, to our school campus in the form of a new awareness-based and fundraising club.  I have served as president and head of the Chaminade Operation Smile organization since then.  In that same year, I was made Captain of the Public Forum Debate team.  The next year, my partner and I opened up the Policy Debate Season by winning the starting tournament championship. Today, along with my place as head of the Policy Debate Program, I also serve as the CSDS (Chaminade Speech and Debate Society) director of activities and event planner.  This past year, I founded an organization called S.O.A.R. (Student Oriented Assistive Resources) that raises awareness about the issues prevalent in high school.  The organization is currently in the process of appearing on the Chaminade website, and will begin its integration into local schools in the area. With my passion for charities and my public speaking experience, I began training and working for a company hired to raise money at golf tournaments in the summer of 2013.  This has enabled me to develop an adept proficiency in sales and marketing. Along with that, I am currently a leading member of the California Scholarship Federation, National Forensic League, and National Honor Society. The California Scholarship Federation opened me up to the world of tutoring, and I have now built an extensive clientele.  All the students I tutored on a weekly basis last year made the First Honor Role; the majority of whom had never made any Honor Role before.  I have been fortunate enough to have access to a number of resources which has helped educate me about the current problems people have to face today. With that in mind, my goal for the future is to touch as many lives as I can, so I might take part in a brighter tomorrow.  


Connor Wineland

My name is Connor Wineland; I am a junior at Chaminade College preparatory.  I have been on the football and baseball team since I’ve been at Chaminade and received the “toughness award” my freshmen year of football and the “pitcher of the year” in my freshmen year. I’m also a part of the business program their and am a member of the company Eagle Eye, that won the national championship for high school businesses.  I have traveled to over thirty-five states and this has taught me patience and how to get along with people in close spaces.  I see myself as a leader and someone who will be committed to whatever I am doing.  I have a lot of character, good values, and am a fast learner.  I’m very strong willed and would be a great addition to any company that would hire me.


Daniel Alessi

Hi I'm Daniel Alessi, and I am a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory.  I’ve played baseball since I was little, and have played on the Chaminade team every year, year round.  I am a PO, which stands for pitcher-only, and have been for the past few years.  I currently am involved in the national award winning Eagle Business Program, and I help out with the business end of the Chaminade robotics program.  The company, Eagle Eye, deals mostly in sports highlights and game footage, but also helps the team out in other ways.  Outside of school and baseball I like to relax and watch movies, play golf, and have fun in general.  As far as school goes, I'm not really sure what I want to major in, or really where I want to go for college.  All I know is that I want to like what I do for a living.


Emmeline Salazar

Hello my name is Emmeline Salazar and I am a senior at Chamiande College Preparatory. I am a well-rounded person, I am apart of business, community service and the arts. I take part in the business program at my school where I work with our award winning student run business, Eagle Eye.  Key Club is an internationally recognized community service organization that I work with as well. But my passion is toward the arts where I take part in drama, dance and music. I am a part of the tech crew in drama where I work with the lights in the productions. With my dancing I have performed multiple times on stage, I have performed on TV and I have danced with some of the top choreographers in the industry from So You Think You Can Dance, Janet Jackson, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and many more. Over the summer I interned with the non-profit organization Levitt Pavilion where I put on free concerts at MacArthur Park. My internship included me working in marketing, outreach and event production. Eventually my dream is to go to college, graduate and later work in concert production. 


Frankie Horne

Hi, I’m Frankie Horne. I’m 17-year old senior at Chaminade in West Hills, and I’ve been at Chaminade since 6th grade. I’m pretty involved at school, mainly on Student Council and Diversity Team, which I’m one of the heads of. Diversity Team focuses primarily on acknowledging our similarities on campus, but at the same time, appreciating our differences. We also sponsor and run events like Mix-it-Up Lunch and the Special Olympics, as well as host Diversity Days where guest speakers run workshops like Breaking Down the Walls. Outside of school during summer I work as a camp counselor. I’m pretty good with kids and I think they’re genuinely fun to be around, and that they have a lot to teach us. After I complete my years in college, hopefully at a UC or a good east coast university, I hope to start a career in the entertainment industry. My parents have both been in this field my whole life as TV executives, and I’ve never imagined working in any other business. But while my parents are on the business and development side of things, I think that I’d prefer to do something more on the creative side.  I write, which I love and I excel at. I’m pretty humble too.  But I could totally see spending my life writing. I actually received my grade’s academic award for English in my sophomore year. All in all, I have big goals and know that I’ve got what it takes to make them reality.


Gerardo Ramirez

Hello, my name is Gerardo Ramirez, but you can call me Junior. I am currently a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory. Over the past six years I have been a devoted runner. I have partaken in Chaminade’s Varsity Cross Country team and Track and Field as well as completed the Los Angeles Marathon. I have a great admiration and love for the outdoors. I love activities such as camping, hiking, backpacking, swimming, kayaking and exploring. I believe highly in the preservation of the environment around us, and have helped work on projects such as the Santa Monica Mountains Restoration through the company Tree People. I pride myself in my academics in school; this past year I was awarded the Certificate of Laureate Honors for achieving a grade point average of 4.0. I have always had a keen interest in the sciences and in the future I hope to pursue engineering as a major.


Gianna DiGiuseppe

Hello my name is Gianna DiGiuseppe and I am a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory. At Chaminade I am a hard worker and a diligent student; I take pride in every task that I perform.  Aside from my rigorous coursework, I am a confirmation leader, a member in the Red Cross leadership program, the secretary of Comunidad de Chaminade as well as a member of the Chaminade varsity field hockey and lacrosse teams. I play lacrosse on three teams including our school team and two travel teams, LA Wave and Team Scream Elite. I led our league in scoring, won first team All-League, received Offensive player of the year, was named captain, and was selected to be on the OC/LA National team. Although lacrosse is a passion of mine, I put my community and family before it.  Confirmation has taken a big part in my life. I assist the students in their spiritual journey and life as well as strengthen my own faith. My family encourages me to do so and fully support me throughout my activities. 


Haig Hadjian

Hello my name is Haig Hadjian and I’m currently a senior at Chaminade. It’s an honor and a privilege to be fortunate enough to come to a school like Chaminade that really cares for the students’ education and tries to prep us for college so later on in life we are prepared and are able to succeed. Even though I don’t play any sports here at Chaminade once in a while I like to go to the football games to support my fellow classmates and cheer them on. I was a team captain on my AYSO soccer team which means I work well with a group of people and shows that I am a leader. I like to consider myself a hard worker who will try his best and give it his all even though at times it may not be enough. I am very persistent and determined; if I set goal out for myself I try to do my best to achieve that goal.  I have dreams of traveling the world in the future. 


Hannah Soria

Hello, my name is Hannah Soria and I have attended Chaminade College Preparatory since 6th grade and am currently starting my junior year. Of my accomplishments I am honored to have participated in the Juniors Olympics of swimming for five years, ranking top five.  In college, I plan to major in Biology, aspiring to become a general doctor or neurosurgeon. With the knowledge that these are rigorous aspirations, I believe that determination and charisma truly creates my character and will ensure that I will work hard to achieve success in my future.  Although, my aspirations inquire to become involved in the medical field, I have developed a genuine passion for business by participating in Chaminade’s business program Eagle Eye—an award winning sports media company.  Prior to participating in Eagle Eye, I was a cheerleader for four years with the title of co-captain my last year.  This gave me a chance to become more interested in the game of football. I was very proud to say that I had attended every one of my brother’s football games and I don't plan on missing one in the future.  I take great pride in attending Chaminade as I have learned so much within the high level of curriculum.  I believe that my school spirit contributes to my dedication towards the Eagle Eye program and I hope I make on impact on its prosperity.    Aside from these ambitions, my dream is to independently develop a successful lifestyle and establish a significant role in the modern world.   


Jack Williams

Hello, my name is Jack Williams. I am a senior at Chaminade High School in West Hills, California and I am a hard working student athlete aspiring to major in business in college. I am a member and have been a 4 year starter for the Varsity Basketball year as well as being captain for the past two years. I am also a part of a national championship student ran business known as eagle eye and received an award for Athlete of the Year for my grade. As well as being Athlete of the Year I received the awards of First Team All Mission League, First Team CIF, and First Team State. Being a senior, my future looks bright as I received 17 offers for basketball. None of this could have happened without the amazing and influential people all around me. With all the success comes humility and a drive to be more successful. Outside the court I have been successful in the classroom and have a cumulative GPA of 3.45. Being a student at Chaminade you learn how important caring for people is and how important hard work is and I feel going here has prepared me for the outside world and what it has in store for me. 


James Avecilla

Hello, my name is James, I am 18, and I’m a student at Chaminade College preparatory.  I am not like any other student here at Chaminade though. As most students here are academic or club based, I am a student athlete and I pride myself on it. During these three years that I have been here I have joined the cross country, soccer, and volleyball team. From these sports I have adopted a great deal of mottos and habits. For example, “If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds,” this was our motto from my soccer team and I have been living this quote ever since. To live this kind of lifestyle means to fail, fall down, but to still never give up despite this. It is to look life on the brighter side; to see the cup half full rather than half empty, to be an optimist. That is who I am. 


Joey Catania

Hi my name is Joey Catania and I am a junior at Chaminade high school. I am the youngest of 5 children and enjoy spending time with my family. I love basketball more than anything whether it’s playing or watching it and I am currently on the JV basketball team. I’m currently finishing rehabbing from a torn Achilles that happened back in November and I’ve worked really hard to get back to full strength. In my free time I enjoy a nice round of golf and on the weekends I love watching football and many other sports. Outside of sports I like writing and I hope to major in journalism in college. In fact, I hope to attend St John’s University in New York.  My dream has always been to be a sports writer and eventually have my own sports radio show.  


Juliana Lara

Hello, my name is Juliana Lara. I am a junior at Chaminade College Prep. The Chaminade family is very important to me and am very involved in different activities in and out of school. I am a part of the Diversity Team, the Drama Program and the Game Team, which is part of the award winning business program, Eagle Eye, at Chaminade. Outside of school, I volunteer about 5 hours a week at a community center and on Sundays, at my church. For fun, I enjoy going to concerts, watching college and professional football, and going to the mall. While I participate in many activities, I have always been able to take honors and AP courses and maintain a 3.5 or above. I have high aspirations for my future and have my career set in mind, which would be in Sports Marketing or Management, and I am willing to work 110% percent to be successful. I am also a very culturally diverse person, as I am of full Mexican descent and speaking three languages (French, Spanish, English). 


Kayla Anan

Hi my name is Kayla Anan. I am a junior at Chaminade high school. Academically I have tried to get involved in many things as possible. This year I hope to start my very own club on campus called “The Thirst Project.” This club will focus on areas that do not have clean water access. We will hopefully raise money to provide those with clean water.  Other than this I am a part of the Eagle Eye/ Business program. I enjoy the involvement I have with the football program and I enjoy a lot of what the class has to offer. I am also a part of the Link program at Chaminade. This program connects all classes of Chaminade and I think that this is very important to create the Chaminade Family. For me a great bond throughout our student body is very important, and at Chaminade there is a strong connection throughout all students. Aside from school I try to have a good connection with my family. Family is my number one priority and they mean everything to me. Without my family and the support they give me, I wouldn’t strive to do as well as I do, and I thank them for that. 


Kyle Sanchez

I am in my senior year here at Chaminade. I came to Chaminade because of the good atmosphere and welcoming environment. Here at Chaminade I have learned and developed some very helpful skills. Through working hard at football, whether on the field or off, I have learned about dedication, commitment, and teamwork. Other than football, I am a part of the LIFE Team. On the LIFE team I am able to develop spiritually, learning about fortitude, compassion, and being a role model. In addition to these extracurricular activities, I also find time to do my work, and I do my work well. Academics here at Chaminade have taught me integrity and discipline. When I am not at work I enjoy my leisure time, surfing the internet, lifting weights, or learning more about cars.


Matthew Peranich

Hello, my name is Matthew Peranich, I am 16 years old, and am currently a junior at Chaminade High School. Some of my best qualities are that I am very driven, extremely outgoing; enjoy making people laugh, and overall just having a good time. In my spare time, I love to play soccer and hang out with my friends. I am currently on the team at Chaminade, and it is one of the most important things to me. Through soccer, I have learned characteristics such as leadership, teamwork, and always putting as much effort as I can to succeed. All of these characteristics are building blocks of the business world, and I believe that they can help me go very far in the industry. After high school, I want to go to college and pursue the career of being a talent agent. 


Matthew Stafford

My name is Matthew Stafford and I am a senior at Chaminade College Prep.  I have a passion for sports, business, and a commitment to service in the community.  Having played baseball since age four, I am currently the second baseman for our varsity baseball team and have attended numerous prospect camps including the well respected Stanford Showcase so I understand the college recruiting process.  I am part of the Sports Medicine Club and currently interning at a prestigious sports medicine clinic. Along with two of my baseball teammates, I have started a non-profit which provides free batting lessons to underprivileged youth in memory of my former batting coach Ron Dale who recently passed away.  Eagle Eye and I can help you in the recruiting process so you can be seen and be remembered!


Max Cathcart

Hello, my name is Max Cathcart I am currently a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory High School. I am a member of the student business program, drama production and engineering program, and volunteer at Hope for the valley rescue Mission along with Habitat for Humanity. I played lacrosse for five years, and ran cross country for two and I am a sound technician for the drama production. Currently I am the Student Business Manager for Eagle Engineering through our Chaminade business program Eagle Eye.  I plan to go to business school and double major in management and accounting, and I hope to eventually earn an MBA. After college I plan to start up a non-profit organization and give back to my community.


Max Tinsley

Hello, my name is Max Tinsley. I am a senior at Chaminade HighSchool in West Hills, California and am an aspiring student hoping to major in Business in college as well as pursue my love and passion for the game of basketball. Three characteristics I am most recognized for are my work ethic, passionate spirit, and zest for life. These characteristics have helped me to develop a strong path to success in school and into the future. My main passion and where my heart is set is into the game of Basketball. Ever since a child, my life has been molded around this sport and it’s not just simply a game to me, it’s a lifestyle. Besides being on the court constantly, I pride myself in other extra-curriculur activities. Most notably, helping with the Special Olympics organization since my cousin suffers from down syndrome. My biggest accomplishments would be: MVP at UCLA Basketball Camp in 8th grade, Varsity Starter since sophomore year and currently co-captain, and First and Second Academic honors in highschool. I’m a firm believer than anything I set my mind to can be accomplished. I want to live life to the fullest remembering not regretting. I love spending time with family, friends, and relaxing when I can. I’m no ordinary kid, I’m a kid looking to make his mark on the world. 


Morgan Speer

My name is Morgan Speer. This year I am a senior at Chaminade High School. Not to mention this is my third year as a varsity cheerleader, in fact I am coaches’ assistant- which is a captain’s position. Although I love to cheer, I also enjoy volunteering and contributing my time to things like church peer leadership, future eagle cheerleaders, and those who just need a little extra TLC. Also, this is my second year of being involved in the National Company of the Year known as Eagle Eye. In addition, I am a senior Girl Scout, and have hopes to achieve my Gold award this year- this highest merit in Girl Scouting. Also, I love art and design, and more importantly adventure and I hope to one day go backpacking around the world. As for my future, I know that my work experience in entrepreneurship, as well as leadership in my extra-curricular activities will allow me to accomplish anything I set my mind to with determination and effort. 


Noor Aly

I’m Noor Aly, a senior at Chaminade High School. I was born and raised in Los Angeles until I was about 11 years old in which I had the chance to live in Dubai for 5 years. I went to a school called Dubai American Academy and was exposed to many different aspects and cultures in which I got into the subject of international business which is most probably something that I would generally like to pursue in my future college career. I also took a Business Economics class in my junior year, I currently take a Global Economic Leadership, and I speak Arabic fluently at home. Additionally, whenever people ask me what my ambitions are, I lean towards music. I love to sing and music is my passion in which I even once made it to the semi-finals in a Dubai-based singing competition called “The Best of the Best” . My friends, families, and sometimes even teachers, give me the encouragement to do what I know and love. I have also been on the Chaminade tennis team for about two years now, in which I am co-captain with two other girls on my team. The team and Chaminade have taught me the value of teamwork and team respect that make me the person I am today. 


Petey Dyer

Hello. My name is Peter Dyer and I am currently a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory High School. My goal in life is to go to Business School and earn a Master’s Degree in Business. I will then want to start my own company and eventually go public with it. Eventually I would like to list my company on the New York Stock Exchange. At Chaminade I have a 3.7 GPA, I am a member of the Diversity team, I am a tutor for the CSF tutoring program and, I play for the Chaminade Lacrosse team. I have played lacrosse for five years now and I have a leadership role on the team. CSF tutoring is the Catholic Student Fellowship program. I have tutored other students that need help in English and Math classes. I took a business economics class my sophomore year and I am currently in a Global Economic Leadership class. I am a part of Eagle Eye which is our award winning student ran business. For Eagle Eye, I am in the promotions department and I encourage the football team with fellow students in the Eagle Nest. Overall I really enjoy all the aspects of business and would love to get more experience.


Robert Hernandez

Hello my name is Robert Hernandez and I am a senior at Chaminade College Prep. Although I have only been involved with the Chaminade football program for a short two years, I have played football all four years of high school including three years on a varsity program. Each of those years I had been recognized as a scholar athlete. My freshman year I had been recognized as the team MVP in both baseball and football as well as one of the top students in my class. Through enriched football programs like our own, young men like me learn to be dependent on others as well as independent when necessary, we learn how to express leadership and determination not only on the football field but in the class room, and through our brotherhood we learn to develop characteristics like integrity and morality. I feel that I represent each of those traits attained just through football alone. I am also a part of a nationally acclaimed high school run business program known as Eagle Eye. Eagle Eye in recent years has won a national championship as the best student run business in the nation. To be a part of such a prestigious program does nothing but open new doors and opportunities for a student like me.


Rylie Klotz

Hi! My name is Rylie Klotz and I am a junior at Chaminade High School. I currently work for Pottery Barn Teen, an interior design company, where I am top of sales and the employee of the month. Having school during the day and work during the night I have learned to make my time efficient and effective. Since I have been working, I have seen what it takes to be reliable and  a well-rounded business person. I also participate in my club, Reach for the Stars that is an active club on the Chaminade campus. We put on events for special needs kids like sporting events and dances. When I am not wrapped up in working and school I enjoy sports. I have been a part of the Chaminade softball team where I have learned the true definition of teamwork and responsibility. Since I have been in high school I have learned so many defining traits that are going to help me succeed in the real world. I know that my family and friends will always be there to support me through all my journeys. 


Sam Gomez

Hi my name is Sam Gomez, and I am student here at Chaminade College Preparatory. I am currently a junior and I am 16 years old. I play football as middle linebacker and offensive line, and I am part of the Eagle Eye business, the National Student Company of the Year. I strive to do my best in school and anything I attempt. I received the Scholar Athlete Award for maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or above during the football season, and also have received an honorable mention for the national ExploraVision contest, which was designed for students to come up with ideas of future technology and how to apply new ways to current science.  My family is French and part Spanish, and I am fluent in French and partially in Spanish. I enjoy doing many extracurricular activities, such as playing all kinds of sports, from team sports to individual sports; but what I enjoy above all is to do good to others, which I try to do as much as possible. For example, when I find the time I do volunteer service varying in very diverse categories.


Tyler Johnson

Hello, my name is Tyler Johnson, and I am a senior at Chaminade College Prep high school. As a senior, I am proud to say I have achieved a 3.8 cumulative gpa over my previous 3 years of high school, and because of that am a member of the National Honors Society. I came to Chaminade because of the family spirit the school has and the opportunities the school gives to express my faith. Because of my strong Catholic faith, I am active in campus ministry at school, being part of the LIFE Team since my junior year, the religious leaders of campus, the liturgical choir that sings at our school masses, and am highly involved in activities at my parish. I participate heavily in drama in community theaters and at local high schools, and have done so consistently since my 8th grade, which takes up most of my time during the week. I am also serving my third term on the Simi Valley Youth Council, a teen-based advisory board to city council that addresses the needs of the youth in Simi Valley. As of now, I am aspiring to be an engineer, but this is not certain, and I am keeping as many doors open as possible to see what my future holds for me by taking diverse classes and participating in a wide range of activities.


Vinny Jacobellis

My name is Vinny Jacobellis and I am a Senior at Chaminade College Preparatory. I am currently on the Football and Lacrosse team at Chaminade. I am a hard working and loyal person who puts 100% into everything I do. When people tell me that I can't do something, that a task is too much for me, I more effort into that to prove that I can do whatever I set my mind to. When I was 15 years old put together a team to walk in the Light the Night Walk for the LLS and raised over 20K. I am a hard worker and I don’t quit until the job is done. I recently had a sales job where I walked from store to store all over the valley trying to sell credit card processing. I was shut down by hundreds of store owners but I didn’t stop until I met my quota, even if that meant I was working until 7 or 8 pm. My working experience in the field has given me tools that will stay with me forever and has allowed me to have real face to face experience with customers. 


Students of the Eagle Business Program: 2014-2015


Carolena Davidorf

     Hello, my name is Carolena Davidorf and I am a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory. I have an eclectic personality which has been a big asset for me in various ways. For one, I have been able to become involved in a wide range of activities from a third year varsity volleyball member to recent additions to student council and the award winning eagle business program.   Being a part of student led organizations is important to me because I hope to take the leadership and people skills that I have gained from these programs and  put them to use  in the future. Regardless of which path I take, whether it be in business administration, sports marketing, or political science, the experience I have built through these student run organizations will only aid me in my success.  Although I have many different commitments it has never hindered my devotement to each of these activities. The amount of time that have spent the past four years into my volleyball career reveals the determination that I possess to maintain spot on the team. This motivation has expressed itself in all of my activities not limited to volleyball. In the classroom or in a volunteer environment I strive to achieve my full potential. Whether its going to a Latin American country attempting to communicate with patients in a surgical room or staying up until 2 am preparing for a math test, I will make sure the effort I put in is 100%.


Nathaniel Davis

     Hi, my name is Nathaniel Davis. I am 16 years old, born, and raised, in Malibu, California. I love sports. Watching competition and the excellence of professional athletes is exciting to me. Also, although I love being at home, I enjoy travelling.  I have traveled within the US and abroad. Seeing different places and people is fascinating. I enjoy meeting new and different people. I try to make my experiences with all people pleasant.  I have been told I have a gift of reading people well and being able to adapt to their moods. Also, I stand for my principals and although my opinions may be different, I try to always get along with others.  My negotiating skills are the key to my success. I always wanted to speak a language other than English fluently.  I have that on my list of things to do.  Being from a small town, I enjoy being in big cities. My favorite city at this time is New York because it is so lively and there are so many businesses there.  I think my personality can fit into most business situations due to my experience, my ability to get along with people and my negotiation skills.


Katie Davoren

     Hello my name is Katie Davoren and I am currently an eleventh grader at Chaminade College Preparatory High School. As of last year I am a part of the Chaminade track team, but I am also very involved and spirited when it comes to supporting other Chaminade teams. I am very determined and consistent when it comes to school and keeping up my grades because succeeding in school as well as any tasks I’m assigned to is very important to me. I am a very hard worker and never give up on something that means a lot to me or if it were to mean letting anyone else down. Being one out of seven children I have learned to be hard working, independent and to make my own decisions. My goal for my future career is to do something in business marketing because not only do I have a creative side, but I also am very good at convincing and proving a point that I believe needs to be made. By being a new addition to the award winning Eagle Business program as a networker believe I will benefit the club and be able to bring in more people to grow to be as interested in business as I have become.


Sallie DeYoung

     I’m Sallie DeYoung and having been born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I am a Valley Girl through and through. Even though I’m only 16 years young, don’t let the youthful glow fool you. As a senior, I’m incredibly hardworking, dedicated, and outgoing. I keep constantly involved in a rotating group of eight plus activities in and out of school including Student Council, Living in Faith Experience Leadership team, Eagle Eye, Chaminade Ambassadors, and many more which keeps me pretty busy. I hold leadership roles in almost all of these activities. You can see me at almost any event working or running behind the scenes. Outside of school, part of my many 4-H responsibilities includes being one of ten California State Ambassadors. I still keep time to give back to my community, the state, nation, and even globally in a variety of service opportunities. I love to travel and learn about different cultures. In the future, I plan on majoring in “Running the World”, also known as Economics with a minor in International Trade because I’m fascinated by the way the world connects and how each country relies on each other.  But no matter how busy or crazy things get I always manage to keep my cool and keep the big picture in mind which is to help as many people as I can. 


Grant Gomer

     Hi, I am Grant Gomer. I am a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory. I currently work at FunFlicks Outdoor Movies as an event host. At Chaminade, I have learned to work as a team and to always try my best. I have played Varsity volleyball for the last 3 years and have been a part of the Film Department at Chaminade creating films for class and out of school projects. I am on the Promenade Crew for the Eagle Business team, I chose this job because I think that learning how to run your own business is a great quality to have. I will be graduating Chaminade this year and hope to see myself at a college a year from now majoring in Film Production. My dream is to work as a Director of Photography on a movie set.


Alex Goshgarian

     Hello my name is Alex Goshgarian and I am currently a senior at Chaminade College Prep.  I have been at Chaminade for the last seven years, and also have gone to Private Catholic School my whole life.  I have participated in the Chaminade Promenade Sophomore year and my group sold sparkly lanyards.  We found out that the following year we would be obligated to wear lanyards so I came up with the idea to sell lanyards that would catch people’s eyes.  As a result, we were the most profitable company at the promenade.  I have been assigned to do Print Promotions for this year’s eagle business and I could not be more excited.  I am mainly excited for the challenges that will come with being in print promotions because with each challenge you face you will gain knowledge for your future.  When I was 13 years old my grandpa gave me somewhat of a large sum of money and instead of spending it on materialistic things I chose to invest it into stocks such as Herbalife, Coca Cola, GM, Apple, and AT&T.  Because of my good advisements, I was able to increase my initial amount by 80%.  As a result of being the youngest of five children I have been more trusted by my parents therefore them giving me more responsibility.  


Manmeet Grewal

     I’m Manmeet Grewal and the most important thing to know about me is that when I was in elementary school I was diagnosed with absence seizures.  These seizures would cause me to basically go out of consciousness and not realize what was happening around me.   They became a part of my life that limited me from enjoying my childhood as most other children were able to do.   I used to become easily frustrated by this setback but through this experience I realized how every opportunity I have is one that somebody else doesn’t.  Now I have taken that idea to heart and feel that I need to accept all opportunities whole-heartedly and really pursue my passions.  I have been able to go to Peru on a community service trip and really experience a different aspect of the world.  I have also been able to prepare myself for a future in business by not only going to a business leadership camp in the summer of 2013 but also by gaining work experience at subway and understudying my father in the management of his business.  Now I am not only senior class secretary but also the president of eagle business at Chaminade.  


Alex Gruppuso

     I am Alex Gruppuso, 17 years old and a senior in high school at Chaminade College Preparatory. I participate in many school and out of school activities. One of the activities I do in school is I am a varsity tennis captain. This teaches me great leadership skills and how to be part of the team. Another activity is I am part of eagle eye where I have to film the football games from the end zone. Outside of school I am a life scout, the rank before eagle, in Boy Scouts. This has taught me dedication and tons of life skills. In boy scouts you learn a great amount of respect and leadership skills. On top of that I am Senior Patrol Leader of my troop which means I am in charge of everyone. It teaches me with hard work you are able to succeed in everything you do. I am also a published writer I wrote poetry and entered it in a contest and got 3rd place out of hundreds and they published the piece. I am the biggest Blackhawks fan and my dream is to work with the Chicago Blackhawks whatever way possible.


Shane Hariz

     Hello, my name is Shane Hariz. I am a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory and will graduate in 2015. A lot of people who are close to me know that I am a natural born leader, always looking to go above and beyond. I believe that my leadership and responsibility has stemmed from my association with golf. I have engulfed myself in the sport that I find so interesting and hold a special place in my heart for. The sport is one of hard work, concentration, dedication, and calculation. I love it. Golf has taught me about my capabilities as well as my aspirations. I whole heartedly believe that because of it, I am able to want something and achieve my goals without hesitation. I have also been involved in the college recruiting process which has directed me towards an interest in marketing. I have always loved business and been involved in various real estate ventures with my dad however last year I realized that it’s what I really want to do with my life. I have attended several different business, leadership, and motivational courses which have furthered my passion for business. I always complete the work that I have been tasked as well as work that has not yet been assigned. My goals for the future consist of beginning my real estate career at the start of the next upcoming year as well as attending a university in the fall. In conclusion, because I have grown up with a very diverse background and have various characteristics, I will be able to continue to strive and attain success into the future. 


Noesh Hordagoda

     Hi, my name is Noesh Hordagoda. I am currently a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory High School. I have been a part of the Chaminade family for exactly 5 years now onto my 6th. I currently work at an organic juice bar that just opened in the city of Woodland Hills, called Healthy Greens. I hold the position of Assistant Manager and take pride in it considering I have only been there for about 5 months now. I really enjoy the business world and have learned a lot about it through my dad who has been doing business for the past 25 years. My mom is also an accountant who used to work in Utah but after moving to California and having kids, she retired.  I have one older brother who is currently 21 and attends The University of Washington studying business as well. So as you can see I have a pretty strong business background. My dream one day is to be on the top floor of a tall skyscraper located in the city of Los Angeles, in a conference room as the CEO of a major company focusing on all the business aspects as well as having my morning coffee brought to me. I have big plans for the future and I am determined to achieve those goals that I have always dreamt about. 


Connor Hoyt

     My name is Conner Hoyt. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved sports. The first game I ever went to was an Angel game at age 4 and from then on, I wanted to become a professional baseball player. By the time I was about 8, I became a little more realistic. Obviously I wasn’t good enough to be a professional athlete, so I settled for the next best thing- I decided I wanted to work at ESPN. I continued playing baseball for a while and later became a Chaminade legend (having played two years of frosh) and then in my junior year, I decided to broadcast some of our school’s own sports games. I began broadcasting basketball games, proceeded to cover baseball, and now I am calling football games as well. I’d like to say that I am a relatively motivated person; I’ve acted with my future in mind for quite some time and I am never deterred from my goals. Hopefully, this attitude pays off in the long run because I can’t picture myself doing anything else with my life. 


Yewande Ilawole

     Hello my name is Yewande Ilawole and I am a junior at Chaminade High School. This is my second year on varsity volleyball at Chaminade. I have played volleyball since middle school and hope to continue up through the university level! One thing I love to do outside of volleyball is community service. I recently got involved with an organization called Interface Children and Family Services, which is a group that helps with the homeless youth in the Ventura County. I am the web developer for the Eagle Business Program at Chaminade. And although I love technology and innovation my main passion lies in helping other people. So after high school I hope to go to university and gain a law degree and work as a human rights attorney. I love to watch documentaries and read nonfiction in order to learn more about human rights causes. I am extremely hard-working and highly organized which allows me to maintain good grades along with these activities.


Makenzie Jones

     Hello, my name is Mackenzie Jones, I live in Valencia California and I am currently a junior here at Chaminade College Preparatory High School. I have been a part of the Chaminade family for six years now. During my time here I have participated in a wide range of clubs and activities. Some of these clubs include key club, the promenade, and the girls’ volleyball team. I have also volunteered my time to helping those that are in need. I walk to help those affected by diabetes and cancer. I am also now a part of the Eagle Business Program because I am a hard worker and I believe that it will teach me how to succeed not only in school, but also in my future. Throughout my time here I have learned how to work successfully with others, and how to get the job effectively. My active personality in helping and working with others, has motivated me to work even harder which will hopefully give me a successful future in the field of business. 





Sarah Kameli

     Hi my name is Sarah Kameli, and I am a current junior at Chaminade High School. I come from a family who traveled to America from Iran during the Iranian Revolution. As a first generation American daughter to parents that have given up so much of their life for me, I have realized that it is in my best interest that I take advantage of the opportunities I have been blessed with not only here at Chaminade but also here in America.  I have put a lot of my time into becoming an involved student at Chaminade. I am a part of the eagle business program and also a part of Eagle Eye. I joined the Business program mainly because I want to eventually design my own makeup line and I feel the class gives me a great advantage and look into my future. I am also a member of the Diversity team. As a part of the diversity team I use my role as a leader on the campus to push past previously set boundaries and bring unity to our school. A large part of my life is volleyball. I have been playing volleyball for 6 years now and I am a part of both Chaminade’s Varsity team, and a club team. Playing volleyball has shown me that my goals in life can only be achieved if I am willing to put all of my effort out there. Volleyball has given me the drive to complete whatever I set my mind to with passion and hard work.


Rylie Klotz

    Hi! My name is Rylie Klotz and I am a senior at Chaminade High School. I currently work for Pottery Barn Teen, an interior design company, where I have been top of sales and employee of the month. Having school during the day and work during the night I have learned to make my time efficient and effective. Since I have been working, I have seen what it takes to be a reliable and a well-rounded business person. I have recently started the process of getting my real estate license. I am very interested in becoming a real estate broker and opening up my own company. When I am not wrapped up in working and school I enjoy sports. I have been a part of the Chaminade softball team where I have learned the true definition of teamwork and responsibility. Since I have been in high school I have learned so many defining traits that are going to help me succeed in the real world and help pursue my goals of becoming the best I can be. 


Kalyn Kunze

     Hello, my name is Kalyn Kunze and I am currently a senior at Chaminade High School. I am 17 years old and live in Tarzana, CA. I am a member of the Eagle Business program and have taken all three business classes that Chaminade has to offer including Business Econ, AP Macroeconomics, and currently in Global Economic Leadership. I am involved in other things around the campus including the Swim Team, the Ambassador Program, and My Name My Story. In being a part of these programs, I have gained valuable communication and leadership skills that I am able to use in every aspect of my life. I take on every task that comes my way with a positive attitude and a drive to succeed. I hope to gain work experience by working for the Eagle Business Program and use that experience to help me in my future career. I hope to one day own my own business and I believe that the Eagle Business Program will give me the foundation that I need be successful in the career I hope to have. 


Juliana Lara

     Hello, my name is Juliana Lara. I am a senior at Chaminade College Prep. The Chaminade family is very important to me and I am very involved in different activities in and out of school. I am a part of the Diversity Team, the Drama Program, and a member of Eagle Business, a sports-media based, student run business program. I also act as Varsity Football Manager. Outside of school, I volunteer about 5 hours a week at a community center and on Sundays, at my church. For fun, I enjoy going to concerts, watching college and professional football, and going to the mall. While I participate in many activities, I have always been able to take honors and AP courses and maintain a 3.5 or above. I have high aspirations for my future and have my career set in mind, which would be in Sports Marketing or Management, and I am willing to work 110% percent to be successful. I am also a very culturally diverse person, as I am of full Mexican descent and speaking three languages (French, Spanish, English), and have travelled to many parts of the United States and Europe. 


Stephen Matoesian

     My name is Stephen Matoesian and I am a senior that goes to Chaminade College preparatory.  I have been a part of the Chaminade varsity soccer team for four years now and will be the team captain for the second consecutive time this year.  In addition I am a part of the LIFE team here at Chaminade which works towards building Christian communities in and outside of school.  I have played club soccer with Simi Valley Eclipse for three years now and helped them reach the round of 16 of National cup this year.  Ever since middle school I have had a passion for business.  I have already decided that I will either major in business administration, accounting, or finance in college.  About two years ago my brother started his own sports supplements business formulated specifically for women.  He has taught me the ins and outs of managing your own company, as well as giving me the job as a salesman.  At the Los Angeles Fitness Expo I worked in his booth and sold his products to nearly every woman crowding the area.  I have learned what it takes to grow a company fast and what the most effective marketing strategy is.  I hope to one day pass the CPA exam and achieve an MBA from a top college. 


Matthew McGraw

     Hello, my name is Matthew McGraw; I am a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory.  At Chaminade they teach us that education is a necessary key to striving in the future and to prepare us for college. Recently, I received the Print Promotion job for the award winning Eagle Business Program; this was a good match because I have prior experience in printing. Over the last couple summers I have worked for FB productions, a printing and graphics company where I was taught the basic values of running a company and the hard work that goes into it each and every day. In my spare time I enjoy watching, playing, and anything that has to do with sports.  After High school, I plan to go to a college where I can study and major in sports management.  


Alex Morales

     Hello, my name is Alex Morales. I am 17 years old and am currently a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory. I have attended Chaminade since I was in 6th grade. I was involved with the football program and track and field program. I am currently employed at America’s Tire Co. in Simi Valley, where I work as a tire technician. As of now I can unbolt, dismount and mount tires, repair flats, bolt tires on, inflate tires, balance tires, and torque lug nuts. Through this I have learned how to be an efficient worker as well as a team player. It is a very fast paced work environment, we are expected to complete a tire rotation and re-balance in 15 minutes and 30 minutes to change 4 tires, inflate, balance, and bolt them on.  I am a very hard worker and strive for perfection. When I am older, I would like to be a structural engineer or mechanic. I am glad to now be a part of Eagle Business.


Everett Moss

     Hello, I am Everett Moss, a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory.  Since freshman year I have been a part of the JV and Varsity baseball teams.  I have won the pitcher of the year twice and have been a scholar athlete each year, but last year I experienced a season ending injury. This was very difficult since I have played every second since I was three.  This injury taught me patience and gave me the ability to help without direct contact to the situation. I believe that my supporting ability can and will allow me to support any business endeavor or attempt at work in the future. I am very hard working and enjoy helping people whenever I can, for example, I go to Camp Ronald McDonald multiple times a year to do miscellaneous work and set up the camp so the kids can enjoy themselves.  In college, I really want to play baseball because it is one of the most important parts of my life. I am a good student but I am not sure what college I want to go to yet.  I am very interested in math and science so I hope that I can get into a career involving those.  I believe that my overall will to compete and strive for excellence will drive me to great things in this world.   


Alec Neimend

     Hello, my name is Alec Neimand and I am junior at Chaminade College Preparatory High School. On campus, I am currently part of the Diversity Team and the Eagle Business Program. I love being on the Diversity Team because I pride myself on my ability to be a leader, and the Diversity Team has given me the opportunity to lead other students in creating a better school environment.  For Eagle Business, I am a commentator for Chaminade sporting events on Eagle Business Radio. I started with football games my sophomore year, moved into doing volleyball games in the spring season, and I now hope to extend into basketball and baseball during my junior year. The radio program is amazing because it gives me a way to learn on the job about sports broadcasting and journalism, while also teaching me about the business world. This is perfect for me because the careers I would want in life are either a sports broadcaster, a professional sports agent, or to live my dream as an NBA General Manager. 


Chidi Nwajei

     Hi, my name is Chidi Nwajei. I am currently a senior at Chaminade College preparatory. I am 17 years of age and I am a strong believer of chasing your dreams. My dreams are the reason for everything that I do in life. They are the reason I get up and go to school in the morning. They are the reason I stay up all night finishing my homework, because my dream is to be successful in life. I think that in order to be successful, one must be active. Some of my school activities include being a new member of the Eagle Business program, 3 consecutive years of being on the Speech and Debate team, and I am in my 4th year in the Chaminade soccer program. I am also a firm believer of the importance to give back to my community. So, community service is a very important aspect of my life. I volunteer for the Red Cross weekly and I would go to the local library and read to under privileged children every day of summer. There is just something about helping other’s that makes me smile. Another thing I like to do is be in charge. This is one of the reasons why I hope to one day be a CEO of a large corporation. I plan to get my MBA after studying business in college and I know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to school. But, I will stop at nothing to make my dreams a reality. 


Artin Ohanian

     Hi, my name is Artin Ohanian and I am currently a senior at Chaminade College Preparatory High School located in West Hills, CA. The reason why I decided to take part in Global Economic Leadership and be a part of the Eagle Business Program is because I sincerely believe there are many lessons that we can learn about life including dealing with money, investments, and properties through our Eagle Business Program here at Chaminade. I personally believe it is one of the most advanced classes here at Chaminade that is able to teach us students, a lot about being entrepreneurs of our own. My dad has been a real estate broker for the past 32 years and its really interesting working with him and learning how he manages his own properties. I currently work at a store called “Healthy Greens” in Woodland Hills which serves acai bowls, smoothies, and custom built cold pressed juices. I’ve learned a lot about business management and customer satisfaction after working my way up to the night shift manager over the summer. My boss Paula really formed my appreciation of making my own money and spending it wisely. Some of my own hobbies include bike riding, spending time with family, and going out with friends. There is a lot that can be taken away from the Eagle Business Program and I can’t wait to see what we have planned for the rest of the year.


London Pace

     Hello my name is London Pace and I’m a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory High School. I have been part of Student Council since my freshman year.  Two years in a row, I was voted Class Secretary by my peers. Before entering my junior year, I interviewed with ASB to become a Spirit Commissioner because I believe my energy would bring new life into the role.  I was given the position as Spirit Commissioner with three others and together we plan all homecoming week activities and run all rallies throughout the year.  This position gives me experience in event planning, marketing and being a spokesperson.  I love sports, especially basketball and would love to have a career in the sports field, potentially as part of a marketing team, and eventually marketing executive.  Nothing is set in stone though and I still have time to figure it all out. For the past three years, I’ve also been a member of the Mock Trial Team as an attorney and the defendant. Due to these experiences in a real courtroom, in front of actual judges, I consider myself to be a very good speaker and comfortable speaking in front of crowds. I jump into new situations and usually I’m acknowledged for my great spirit and leadership from anywhere from the courtroom to the tennis courts  As a new member of Eagle Business, I am jumping into this program as the Defensive End Zone Photographer and a journalist and I cannot wait to get started.    


Katie Petrie

     Hi, my name is Katie Petrie and I am currently a senior at Chaminade High school. I enjoy learning and am always up for a new task. I am currently part of the Eagle Business Program and am a member of Eagle Eye.  I am an avid multi-tasker and love new challenges. I am a team player and have a lot of patience when it comes down to performing tedious tasks. During my freshman and sophomore year I received the sportsmanship award on my high school soccer team. I know how to collaborate with those around me and thoroughly enjoy being part of a team. Although I am not a born leader and like to take the role of a worker bee; I am not afraid to step up when I see a lack of leader ship. Through my early days of cheer, I have become accustomed to working under high levels of stress and know the meaning of dedication from my numerous 6 am practices. I highly enjoy working with others and socializing while I can, however I know how to separate my work from my friends. I always keep a professional attitude while doing my work but don’t let my serious face fool you! I’m easy going and am always up for a chat! I would describe myself as an extrovert, because I love being around people and making new connections. 


Lara Sert

     My name is Lara Sert, I am 17 years old, and I speak, read, and write three languages.  I have been attending Chaminade since I was in sixth grade, and being only the third American-born child in the entire family, and the first within my immediate family, pressures were high with academics.  With a rough time at home, I was never able to get myself motivated enough to work hard in my classes and get my homework done, even though I knew I had the capabilities of getting good grades and I had always been strong with my testing abilities, I always devoted myself to things other than schoolwork.  I have been a part of Chaminade’s athletic program, in one way or another, since day one.  It didn’t matter whether I was on the basketball team in middle school, the manager of basketball and lacrosse team since freshman year, or working with Eagle Eye at the football games in eleventh grade, I always enjoyed being involved.  I began working with Eagle Eye last year just to help out a friend, but then I realized how much I enjoyed working with the program and how I wanted to continue.  I continue to work with Chaminade’s athletic programs, as well as focusing on my creative side with my drawing and poetry that I hope will one day give struggling people hope for a brighter future.  With the various activities I have been involved in, I have gained the ability to work well with different personalities and have realized my love for helping others, which is what inspired my dream to one day Psychologist for people out of prison.


Margaret Smith

     Hello, my name is Margaret Smith and I am currently a senior at Chaminade High School.  I believe the Chaminade family is very important and have been impactful since I first attended Chaminade in sixth grade.  Throughout the years, I have participated in soccer, softball, cheerleading and numerous clubs. Within each extracurricular activity I have learned a significant amount of life lessons that allowed myself to persevere through any obstacles that I have encountered.  In addition, the Eagle Business Program is, so far, the most influential program that I have participated in and I am pleased to say that it is a great learning experience.  I enjoy partaking in community service events and I often donate to my church, St. John Eudes.  I earned my first job at St. John Eudes Catholic Church three years ago and had to work in the nursery that is made for young children whose parents are participating in any church activities.  I consider myself to have a very unique and dominant personality because I express characteristics such as determination, happiness, artistic qualities and honesty.  I have been raised by my grandmother since I was 4 years old and have loved every minute of it.  I have three siblings that continue to teach me more about myself on a daily basis.  As for my future, I aspire to continue schooling and earn the education that is needed in order to become successful in the career of my choice; which are either Psychology or Science.  Lastly, I hope to become an influential figure to those around me and reach the goals that I hope to accomplish throughout my life. 


Zach Swauger

     Hey Everyone! I’m Zach; I am a junior at Chaminade and this is my second year here. I am learning Chinese and am practically fluent.  I moved here from North Carolina where I spent most of my childhood. In 2011 I developed a social media company for kids that offered an alternative to the younger age group. I sold the company in 2013 to another large social media company. Over the previous summer of 2014 I started up a clothing company and plan to sell my products at Chaminade. I am also in correspondents with the deans and boosters about getting an item passed that would be wearable on campus.  Over the past summer I have also been offered 6 jobs in 3 different states, which include all industries of work. 


Zoe Tinsley

     Hello, my name is Zoe Tinsley. I am currently a junior at Chaminade College Preparatory High School and a member of the student business program aspiring to major Business in college. Some characteristics most notably about myself would be my hard work ethic, my energy on and off the basketball court, my loyalty to my friends and family, and my compassionate spirit. These characteristics shape the person I am today and help me find success in basketball, school, and for all that I encounter in the future. Ever since I was a child, my life has been molded around the game of basketball. I am on the Varsity Girls Basketball team at Chaminade and have won a Division II State title as well as a CIF Division III Championship. I have been a part of the Girls Varsity Basketball team ever since my freshman year of high school, when I got pulled up in the playoffs. When I am not on the court, I volunteer at Pet Orphans of Southern California where I am dedicated to the advancement of animal welfare and focused on rehabilitating and placing cats and dogs into loving homes. However, I also plan on volunteering with the Special Olympics organization since my cousin suffers from down-syndrome. I have also received many academic achievements, namely First Academic Honors and Student Athlete Honors. In addition, I was presented an award at my Chaminade College Preparatory Middle School graduation for “Excellence in the Study of Art.” All of these achievements make me proud of who I am and what I have been able to accomplish over the past several years. 


Parker Williams

     Hello, I’m Parker Williams I am 16 years old and a junior here. I am heavily involved in the film program and have been since 8th grade. Film has always been a passion of mine. Most likely my father’s involvement in the industry cultivated the interest. I grew always asking questions about what it took to be successful. Thanks to all of those questions I have a strong understanding of the film industry. I have also developed a large understanding up marketing and multiple forms of advertisement. With this knowledge I started a film studio and am currently writing, and producing multiple projects which I plan on releasing within the year. 

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